Opiate Addiction Treatment in Toronto

Federico Sanchez, MD


Opiate Addiction Clinic
727 Jane Street, Unit 3, 2nd floor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M6N 4B3


My medical practice is limited to treating addictions, with a special focus in Opiate Addiction.
I am located in West Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Clinic Hours

Monday 9am-1pm
Tuesday 2pm-7pm

Please make an appointment. People with appointments are given priority.
The busiest times are always the first and last hour of each shift.  Avoiding these times will decrease your waiting time.

My interest in opiate addictions began while I was working at the Hamilton Wentworth Detention Centre. As I explored this area of medicine, I found that people with opiate addiction often improved very quickly after starting Opiate Replacement Therapy. Working with individuals with addiction has been very rewarding, as I truly enjoy helping people put their lives back together.

I am accepting patients for Opiate Addiction treatment.

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