The Clinic is Now closed

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Dr Morgan’s New Clinic at 727 Jane Street

I’m happy to announce that Dr Morgan has decided to open a new Opiate Replacement Therapy clinic at the location that I will be leaving, which is at 727 Jane Street, Unit 3, 2nd floor.
Although it is the same location and the same type of clinic, it is NOT a continuation of my clinic. He will have a different setup, phone number, staff, hours, clinic policies, carry rules, etc.

Please contact him directly to ensure that you have a spot in his clinic, for he is under no obligation to accept you if you were a patient of mine. He has assured me, however, that he will try to accommodate as many of my current patients as possible, so make sure you see him as soon as you can.

I have been told that his clinic hours at 727 Jane Street will likely be:
Tuesday 9am-noon
Thursday 1pm-4pm

My last shift will be May 1, 2023, and his first will be May 2, 2023

Dr Morgan has another location near Kipling Subway Station where he has other clinic hours. You can ask his staff about seeing him there as well.

Dr Moheb Morgan

Please note that he does not have an answering machine, but rather, his staff typically answer their phones as follows:
Mon/Tues/Wed – 9-12pm
Thursday – 9-12pm and 4-5:30pm
Saturday – 8-10:30am
Sunday – 7-10am

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Clinic Closing

It is a with a heavy heart that I am announcing the closing my addiction medicine practice.

May 1, 2023 will be the last day that I will be seeing patients. I will be providing addiction medicine services to my currently active patients until then.

There will be no successor in this clinic.

There are many addiction clinics in the area to choose from. As each clinic and physician have different qualities that a patient may or may not like, they will be the best judge of which one fits best for them. I can point my current patients in the right direction, and facilitate the transfer, but ultimately they will need to make the decision of where to go.

I will keep full medical records for 10 years, as required by law. They will be password encrypted and safe. If a patient needs their medical records at any time, they can contact me through my email address (admin at fedsanchez dot com), which I will keep active. A fee will be applied. Please note that it may take up to 30 days to respond after getting the email.

It has been a privilege to help patients in their recovery, and I sincerely wish them all all the best in their progress.

Jan 31, 2023


Federico Sanchez, MD CCFP(AM)

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