Bath Salts

With the recent reporting of an act of cannibalism in Miami, awareness of bath salts has increased dramatically. I have done some investigation to find out what these so-called Bath Salts really are.

Bath Salts are not Epsom salts, or other such true bath salts (harmless bath additives) that people use in order to treat various conditions while taking a bath.

The drug Bath Salts that I am talking about here is also known as Ivory Wave, Purple Wave, Vanilla Sky, and Bliss. It is made from three synthetic stimulants that are currently available legally in Canada. There has been a ban in the United States since October 2011. The Canadian government is rapidly trying to ban these products, due to the realization that the risk to public safety is quite immense.

I believe that the reason why they are called Bath Salts is because once they are produced, they look like real bath salts. This has allowed them to fly under the radar in many places.

Although the Bath Salts are made from currently legal stimulants, they are very powerful. Addiction to them seem to be very strong, and overdose is dangerously easy. Overdose can result in severe paranoia, agitation, chest pain, hallucination and suicidal ideation. Here is a video of somebody who used to be addicted to bath salts, who talks about his experiences with it. It is quite shocking, so please view it with caution.

UPDATE – the video has been removed from YouTube.

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