Trillium Drug Plan

If you are having difficulty in paying for your medication, including methadone or suboxone, you should l think about taking advantage of the Ontario Government’s Trillium Drug Plan. I called to ask about details (1.866.856.6799), and found out that the plan itself does not cost anything, but the deductible is 4% of your household income. That means that if you don’t use it, it doesn’t cost anything, but if you do use it, you have to pay for your own medication until the amount of the deductible is reached.

So, let’s say you earn $20,000 a year. 4% of that is $800. Methadone costs $6-8 per day. Let’s say your pharmacy charges you $6 per day. That is $2190 per year ($6 times 365 days/year). So, you pay the first $800, and Trillium pays the rest ($1390). Now, if you get other medications, such as antibiotics, then Trillium would cover the cost of that entirely, since you already paid the $800 deductible.

If you earn more money, then you pay a higher deductible. If you make more than $54,750 per year, the your deductible would be $2190. So, you would be paying for all you methadone yourself. But you would still be covered for any medication above and beyond that.

They told me that no one is refused. Also, if you do not use your plan for a period of 18 months, the plan is cancelled. You would then have to reapply.

They also told me that if you are a senior, you can apply for copayment costs. I am not sure about the details of that, so ask them.

In order to apply, you need one of the following:

1) Your prior year’s tax assessment showing you income; OR

2) An accountant statement stating your prior year’s income; OR

3) Employee statement showing your prior year’s income; OR

4) A signed statement by yourself stating you did not work the prior year. This last option will take longer to process, but it should be accepted.

If you are interested in finding out more information, call them at 1.866.856.6799, 1.800.575.5386, or visit their website at

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