Trouble Sleeping?

Many people have problems with sleeping. There are many things you can do to help this situation.

If you are having trouble with sleep, the first question you must ask yourself is ‘am I taking any stimulants?’ Stimulants include caffeine (in coffee, tea, Red Bull, and many other things like Tylenol 1), diet pills, some cough and cold remedies, cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy, LSD, and many more. Stimulants can keep you from getting to sleep. Try cutting those out. Your sleep would likely improve within a few days.

When you are using opiates, benzos, alcohol, or other sedating drugs, sleep is easy. The problem is that your body gets used to the dose after a while, and you need more to have the same effect. The other problem is that if you take too much, the sleep can become permanent – you can die. After a while of going to sleep with the help of drugs, you may start forget that going to sleep is a process that you worked on since you were a little child. When people stop using drugs, they often need to relearn how to go to sleep.

If your mind is active, it is harder to sleep. That is why, for most people, activities like watching TV, playing video games, or just being on the computer right before sleep can keep you from sleeping. Try something more relaxing for you, like reading a book. If you find the book boring, even better. You would likely drift off quite quickly. Give yourself a good 20 minutes of reading before you give up.

Exercising right before sleep can also keep you awake. The increased blood flow and adrenaline will keep you up for some time. On the other hand, being physically tired can help you get to sleep. It can help soothe any anxiety you may be having. So, exercising an hour or more before sleep is actually best.

You may have trouble with sleep when your mind runs around in circles, thinking of things you have to do or that are bothering you. In this case, meditation or relaxation techniques can help greatly. Try some of the MP3s that are on this website on the right hand column. They are instructions, not just music or sounds, that can help you relax and focus your mind on becoming calm and clear. Other websites have these types of instructions as well, so search around. If you don’t like one, just move on to another until you find the one you like.

If you have honestly tried all these things, and are still having difficulty, please talk to your doctor. They can prescribe medications that are safe for you. You may need to do some lab work before starting the medication, as some medications can cause trouble with your liver or other organs. Many sedating drugs (i.e., drugs that make you tired) suppress the breathing centre in the brain. So does Methadone. If you add them together, you can stop breathing in your sleep. In fact, the most common way for people to die on Methadone is from also taking alcohol and/or benzodiazepines. So, taking these medications under medical supervision is the safest way.

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