Do You Need Photo ID?

Some patients find themselves without any form of photo identification (ID), for various reasons. Maybe you lost your wallet, were robbed, or ended up in jail and never had your ID returned to you when you were released. In any case, Photo ID is essential in our society. Maybe you are managing without it right now, but eventually you will need it.

Getting an OHIP card, or renewing an old one, requires valid government issued non expired photo ID. Without this photo ID, you can’t get OHIP. That means no doctor’s visits (without paying cash), no preventive medicine visits to the family doctor, and difficulty should an emergency arise.
Please keep in mind that if you have the old ‘Red OHIP card,’ you will have to get a new one. In the past these cards ‘never expired,’ but due to abuse of the system, the government has been calling them back, and forcing you to get a new OHIP card. You will need ID to get a new one.
Photo ID is also required for various other things as well. This includes getting a driver’s license, passport, bank account, and many other things that you need. Part of your recovery is getting your ID straightened out.
Here are some suggestions to getting your ID:
1) Ontario Photo Card 
You can apply at any Ontario Service center.  It costs $35.  You will need a photo.  You will also need some original documents to prove your legal name, date of birth, and signature.  The requirements, and a list of acceptable documents, are available online.
2) Try getting an Age of Majority Card from the LCBO
They require some ID to get the photo ID, but then that photo ID can help you get other ID later on. For example, if you have a Birth Certificate and expired photo OHIP card, then you can get an Age of Majority card for $30. This may sound strange, but most places will not accept an expired passport or photo OHIP card as ID. But it can help you get a real photo ID by getting an Age of Majority card.
3) PAID Clinic – open weekdays
416.691.7407, 3036 Danforth Ave, Toronto On M4C1N2
4) Albion Neighbourhood services – ID clinic – open Thursday mornings
They can also help with employment and housing
416.741.1553, 1530 Albion Road ste 205
5) ID online –
6) Renegeration Outreach Community ID Clinic
156 Main st, Brampton
Free ID services

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